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F.A.C.E.S Host Home Program

F.A.C.E.S host home program is a homelessness prevention program that matches transgender young adults aged 18-24 who are currently experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity with volunteers in the community that open their hearts and homes. Hosts provide free shelter, food and mentorship while the young person stays with them. Staff members from the Host Home Program are responsible for providing or referring to services, assistance with goals, development of daily living and life skills, and assistance with necessities such as clothing hygiene products and transportation.

This program is about preventing homelessness at its core, but more so it is about creating ties in the community between adults and youth that go far beyond housing. When transgender individuals, have stable housing and the potential to create emotional and social connections with positive adult role models they have the foundation to thrive.

What is Host Home Programming

Host home programs are becoming more prevalent throughout the country. This model is advantageous for several reasons because it provides housing for a relatively lower cost than traditional housing programs and can be specialized for a specific client population. The model does have its challenges though, most notably it requires continuous community involvement, relationship and resource development to be successful. A successful program requires not only figuring out the logistics of policy and procedure, but also how to get the community invested in the program. This host home program is being developed because it provides a housing intervention model to the community as well as a program to specifically help transgender young adults create permanent connections with caring adults in the community. Changing FACES began pursuing development of a host home program in early 2021. An important step in our program’s development is securing funding for program staff.