Who We Are

Changing FACES is an ally and advocate for the gender expansive community. The objective of Changing FACES is to provide non-traditional housing support and community connection to gender diverse young adults experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. The participants will receive safe and affirming housing, community support and guidance while promoting independence.

Mission: “To increase the life expectancy of gender diverse young adults by increasing access to interpersonal connections, housing, employment, education and healthcare.”

Vision: “For all gender diverse young adults to have access to quality comprehensive community support that will increase protective factors and life expectancy among the gender diverse community.”

Nichole Mayweather-Banks LCSW (She/Her)

Founder & Visionary

I received Master of Social Work degree from Springfield College. I am a licensed clinical social worker LCSW in the state of Connecticut, and an experienced lecturer and trainer on practicing cultural humility in a gender fluid society and transgender homelessness.

I am a skilled community organizer who has lead community initiatives i.e. Gunn Square Park Initiative in Springfield, Ma. I committed 1 year of volunteer service, as an AmeriCorps VISTA, developing literacy programs with United Way of Eastern, CT.

I have have supported several populations throughout my professional career to include early childhood, teen parents, mentoring, juvenile justice and substance use. I am most passionate about supporting the transgender community.

I am also a gender affirming therapist at Beehive Counseling and Wellness, llc in Manchester, CT. I work with gender expansive clients, to help enhance skills that encourage sustainable personal growth and coping with transitions in their lives.

Through my clinical work I have seen firsthand the effects of gender discrimination on

my clients' mental health. Discrimination, such as housing and employment, creates a barrier to gender diverse individuals obtaining safe, secure and affordable housing. The lack in such services leaves this vulnerable population with little to no options for survival. In turn many of these individuals end up homeless, uneducated and unemployed. Without these foundations of support many of these individuals turn to substance use and crime for survival. Research shows this population is at higher risk for anxiety, depression and suicide.

I am continually inspired by the beauty, vulnerability, and strength represented by the gender expansive community. I am committed to helping to create a sense of safety and resilience for gender expansive individuals, both in the therapeutic setting and in the community.

As a social worker it is my personal mission to uphold the value...

'Dignity and Worth of the Person'

Nichole offers gender affirming clinical support through Beehive Counseling & Wellness llc .

To schedule click logo or email hello@beehivecw.com

Dez Chapman (He/They)

Program Development Intern

I graduated from CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering in 2019. I am studying for my B.A. in general psychology at Bay Path University. I have been recognized as a member of the Maroon Key Honors Society at Bay Path University and am a member of Psi Chi (the International Honor Society in Psychology). As a Peer Tutor at Bay Path University I valued the opportunity to support English as a Second Language students toward achieving their academic goals.

In addition to being a fall intern for Changing FACES, I'm a liaison for the LGBTQ+ Advisory Board and DCF in CT. My work as an intern with Changing FACES includes expanding community presence, supporting TGNB individuals in a clinical setting, facilitating awareness/cultural humility training, and the expansion of accepting/affirming housing opportunities for the TGNB community.

As a spiritual, neurodivergent, multicultural, FTM transgender individual, I have personally experienced the adversities faced by marginalized groups of society. I'm an individual who was forced to navigate societal expectations without appropriate accommodations with the lack of outside understanding. I have experienced what it is like to be in the foster care system and the challenges of finding a genuine place that takes into consideration the intersection of my identities. This added to the resistance of obtaining a secure environment to call a home.

As a mental health professional in training, I think it is important to acknowledge my resilience toward being the outlier in a statistically predicted life. Through the experiences and further knowledge of the challenges faced by the TGNB community, it is a driving passion to support the TGNB community in thriving. Life should not be met with this much resistance to our own existence of the self. I look forward to changing the world one step at a time through Changing FACES.

Oilvia Tanzer (She/They)

Program Development Intern

Hey y’all! I earned my B.S. in Sociology in 2020. I am currently studying for my Master of Social Work at Springfield College. As a Comprehensive Foster Care Service Coordinator, for Key Program Inc., I work on implementing services to support families as well as placing youth in comprehensive foster homes.

In 2020 I was awarded the Humanities and Social Sciences Department Distinguished Senior Award for my concentration on Community Leadership and Development and commitment to the Humanics ideals of Springfield College. Through my many years of experience supporting youth and families I have held several roles personally and professionally. I am passionate about providing people a safe and equitable space to speak their minds and receive the support they need to live freely and without bias.

Being a part of the Queer community, I am particularly invested in making sure other queer youth and adults have people to turn to while navigating life. As a member of the team at Changing FACES, I get to do just that! The team strives to protect and serve the TGNB community, which is what drew me to working with them.

Kayla Perry (She/Her)

Program Development Intern

I am studying for my Master of Social Work at Springfield College. I received my Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a concentration in

psychology and trauma studies from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. My experience in health and social services ranges from organizations and schools, to residential and inpatient settings, supporting older adults, children, adolescents, and the disabled community.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve found that the gender expansive population is consistently left behind in regard to funding, access to resources and support, gender affirming healthcare, housing, and mental health services. I’ve found inspiration in Changing FACES mission to facilitate cultural awareness and humility in our community and empower gender expansive individuals by filling in many of these gaps.

I believe housing is a human right. Without that stability and safety, it becomes nearly impossible to survive. In breaking down the barriers that prevent the TGNB community from achieving stable housing, there is a domino effect. Individuals have the space and opportunity tofind employment, pursue education, build their community, and find peace and joy within intersecting identities.

The resilience, grace, and fortitude of the TGNB community inspires me every day in the fight to flourish and grow against all odds. As a proud part of the “LGB,” I have a responsibility to uplift the “T” counterpart of our acronym. As a social worker, I am committed to elevating the voices of the marginalized and look forward to fostering a safe space for the gender expansive community.

Tiffany Johnson (She/Her)

Administrative Organizer

I am the Owner of Gem & I LLC, a grassroots administrative consulting company. As a skilled Administrative Organizer I support Changing FACES with administrative tasks such as record keeping, organization, outlining structure to better assist in day to day job functions, and resource development just to name a few. I have supported both well established and grassroots type structures in creating efficient systems for information sharing and data collection. My experience in customer service and sales aid in my ability to promote and foster relationships among stakeholders.

My attention to detail began at a very young age. I found myself creating a list and reorganizing friends CD cases so they were easily accessible for impromptu jam sessions. As I became more self aware I noticed a growing passion for all things organizational, which led to a career in business development. I am honored to utilize my skills toward developing and identifying quality programming and services for the TGNB community and their allies.